EC Meeting Cuttack 2016

Minutes of Meeting of Executive Committee of Eastern Hematology Group- 2016

Pramod Convention Resort, Cuttack
Date: 3 September, 2016 | Time: 12.00PM–1.00PM
  • 1. Action taken on proceedings of last meeting
  • 2. Future Activities of EHG
  • 3. Change of Treasurer
  • 4. Fund raising for EHG
  • 5. Proposal for EHG hosting Annual Meet of ISHBT and 1st EHA Highlights
  • 6. Stand-alone meetings in Eastern India by Corporate
  • 7. Election matter
  • 8. Other issues
  • Dr. Sharmila Chandra (Founder President)
  • Dr. RK Jena (Secretary)
  • Dr. Maitreye Bhattacharya (Vice President)
  • Dr. Tuphan Dolai (Joint Secretary)
  • Dr. Rajib De (Treasurer)
  • Dr. Samir Behera (Executive Committee)
Special Invitee:
  • Prof. Malay Ghosh (Kolkata)
  • Prof. Debasis Bandopadhya (Kolkata)
  • Prof. Y.M.Singh (Imphal)
  • Dr. Sandeep Saha (Kolkata)
  • Dr. Meenakshi Mishra (Jamshedpur)
Discussions: The following decisions were taken unaminously
  • 1. Increasing membership. State Chapters to be more proactive in encouraging membership. Average membership in states 60-70. Need to increase by individual efforts and through conduct of programmes and campaigns.
  • 2. Conducting next EHG Annual Conference at Patna during February/March 2017. Dr. Avinash Singh will be the Organizing Secretary for Patna. Discussed possibilities of tagging it with ISHBT Guwahati. Majority in favor of independent conference at Patna.
  • 3. Preparation of Blue Print on Diagnostic Hematology/ Hemato-pathology under the chairmanship of DrDebasish Bandopadhya. Will lay Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) for hemato-laboratories in Eastern India. Will specify best practices and guidelines for maintaining optimum quality standards.
  • 4. Programme for training pathology students in hematopathology. One programme on lab hematology in 2016 and next in Patna followed by Kolkata.
  • 5. Decline in student interest in hematology a big concern. Need tp step up efforts to attract students to hematology by projecting it as a promising career proposition. Should organize student-oriented programmes, chart specific activities at State level. More interactive sessions with students. Regular CMEs Hematology Quiz should be well utilized for the purpose, should be rotated every year.
  • 6. Clinical hematologists should have lab experience. Sessions on hematopathology should have clinicians and clinical sessions.
  • 7. Prof Malay Ghose entrusted with bringing together a booklet of 100-200 pages with contribution of all members one a year
  • 8. EHG to start doing multicenter studies on different aspects of hematological diseases in Eastern India. It should show the way to rest of India and contribute clinically for devising proper strategies to deal with blood diseases.
  • 9. Dr Sandeep Saha has been appointed as Treasurer as Dr.Rajib De has been elevated to Joint Secretary (Scientific Affairs) in the place of Dr. Uttam Kumar Nath
  • 10. Corporate neglect of Eastern India is big concern. Discussed not attending Corporate-organized hematology meeting in other parts if same not hosted by them in Kolkata or other cities of Eastern India. Stand-alone meetings by Corporates in Eastern India should be pushed firmly.
  • 11. Prof RK Jena is standing for President of National Association ISHBT. EHG extends its full support. Also all the members shouel support the candidature of Prof. Pranter Chakraborty and Prof. Jina Bhattacharya for EC of ISHBT. EHG requested Prof. T. Dolaito be the candidate for EC of ISHBT next Year.
  • 12. EHG will propose to host ISHBT in 2019 and Highlight of EHA of 2017/ 18. Will be proposed in AGM in 2017
  • 13. Fund raising, registration fees for workshops, some art fund allocation for EHG, etc
  • 14. The Clerical staff providing services for EHG at NRS Medical College, Kolkata should be withdrawn with immediate effect due to financial constraints such services may be reutilized in future whenever needed