EC Meeting Cuttack 2015

Proceedings of the Meeting regarding formation of the Eastern Hematology Group

Pramod Convention Resort, Cuttack, Odisha
Date: 19.09.2015 | Time: 11.00AM
  • a) The Meeting was convened by Dr. R.K.Jena, Odisha and was chaired by Sharmila Chandra, Kolkata.
  • b) The members Present are in annexure
    The following decisions were taken unanimously in this meeting –

    • 1. The discussions over formation of the association and its nomenclature commenced with permission of the Chair. Among several names proposed it was unanimously decided to name the association as Eastern Hematology Group.
    • 2. Head Qr. Will be situated at Kolkata.
    • 3. The aims and objectives of Eastern Hematology Group were discussed and decided as below:The group would champion the cause of hematology in the Eastern region in particular and in National and International level in general. It would serve as the apex body of practicing haematologists in Eastern part of the country. The Group will have representation from all Eastern and North Eastern States.

      Promotion of hematology as a super speciality discipline, creation of awareness on its importance in the clinical field, improving patient care in the field of blood diseases and disorders, research and education and academic excellence would be key areas where the Group would get involved.

      The members voiced great concern over neglect o such an important discipline and lack of awareness among even the doctors and medical students about hematology as an independent clinical wing. The Group would actively work towards making doctors and medical students as well as Governments aware about its importance in diagnosing, treating and managing blood diseases.

      Besides, it would engage in patient advocacy and support respective states in promoting hematology discipline and services as well as formulating effective strategies for tackling blood diseases in the region. It will make concerted efforts to make treatment easily accessible and affordable for patients.

      The Group will also work towards continuous skill up gradation of professionals and carry out training programmes for doctors, students, nurses, paramedics, technicians, etc.. It will also set up registries for study of disease burden in Eastern India as well as make recommendations to the health administrators in terms of formulating guidelines and treatment protocols for blood disorders.

  • 4. The meeting discussed formation of the Executive Committee of EHG
    The Executive Committee members elected unanimously are as follows:Founder President: Dr Sharmila Chandra, Kolkata

    Secretary: Prof. Rabindra Kumar Jena, Cuttack

    Vice President:
    Prof. Maitreye Bhattacharya (Scientific Affairs), Kolkata
    Prof. Prantar Chakraborty (Administration), Kolkata
    Prof. Jina Bhattacharya (Resources Mobilisation), Gowhati

    Joint Secretary:
    Dr Tuphan Kanti Dolai (Administration), Kolkata
    Dr Uttam Kumar Nath (Scientific Affairs), Kolkata

    Treasurer: Dr Rajib De, Kolkata

    Asst. Treasurer: Dr. Sidhartha Sankar Ray, Kolkata

    Executive Committee:
    Dr Avinash Kumar Singh, Patna, Bihar
    Dr AK Singh, Darbhanga Bihar
    Dr Dhabali Singh, Manipur,
    Dr DK Mishra, Kolkata,
    Dr Subhrokanti Kundu, Jamshedpur , Jharkhand
    Dr Samir Behera, Odisha.

  • 5. The By-Law of the EHG was presented in the meeting and was approved unanimously. Thus will be submitted at the time of registration in Kolkata under Indian Trusty Act. Dr. Tuphan Kanti Dolai, joint Secretary (Administration) is unanimously authorised to perusal all the official / logistic matter related to E.H.G
  • 6. Al l the members decided to contribute voluntarily as need money towards the initial expenditure of EHG.
  • 7. It was decided to pursue this matter on next coming event in any part of eastern India and the meeting was closed after a vote of thanks to the chair and other members by Dr. Jena.